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Fools Paradise Poster

With mistakes, confusions and crazy schemes, Fool’s Paradise is a carefree comedy romp that’ll have audiences laughing heartily. Jane and Catherine have an antique cluttered house, unpaid bills, and a memory of marriage to the same man, now deceased. His will states they can live in the house if they don’t sell its contents. A wily antique dealer tricks them into accepting a payment on emeralds they believe to be worthless. Everything they do to rectify matters lands them in deeper water. Soon several people are bidding furiously for the emeralds. With mounting illegalities, the ladies come up with a plan to get them out of the mess involving an aged, doddering maid and a fake third wife.

This is a performance by amateurs with kind permission of Samuel French.

Tickets available from Gotto Sports, Andrew Devonshire on 07955339261 or Clem Bell on 02890202280 or onlineĀ here.